Welcome to potatoTV - a showcase site for projects and fun stuff made by me - Jan Schelhaas.

I am a student in International Media and Computer Science and I am currently working as a Data Engineer in Copenhagen, Denmark. Enjoy your stay on my website, which is under constant development :)


The potatoTV online platform is a showcase of some of my development efforts and projects. I want to expand this platform to show more details about all the projects and I want to share my code here whenever possible.

Currently, I am working on two CS:GO related projects: A single-page webapp build with pure JS that shows a match history of our CS:GO Team with the name Postauto. This app is powered by a restful API and a MongoDB database in the backend.
My second project takes what I learned building the Postauto webapp to a new level by building a fully featured CS:GO demo file parser and a connected online viewer. The parser app will be using electron.

I am also working on other projects using Java that are mainly webscrapers for different purposes.

This tool is currently under heavy development and consits of different parts:

  • A parser, that uses the awesome node.js libraray from saul, demofile
  • A basic vizualizer that show rounds, scores and statistics
  • Another vizualizer, that uses position data for each player of each second of a match. I use the three.js webGL libraray to show the movement of players in 3D
    An early version of this tool is shown in the image above with movements of one player over 30 rounds on de_inferno.

The tool will be available on demolyzer.com once its in a usable state.

This is another CS:GO project and the reason I started working on the analyzer tool. This webapp is coded using plain JavaScript and Bootstrap and it diplays all matches the CS:GO team Postauto has ever played, complete with scores and scoreboards. The webapp is backed by a restful API and a MongoDB database. Unfortunatley, the information I parsed from them demos is not always 100% accurate, which is why I am developing my own tool now. This project was my first time doing something with JavaScript and building a website from scratch in general.

you can always find more stuff on my pages linked below.


You can look at these links if you want to see more of my work or get in touch with me..

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