On this page you will find links to several projects from different fields. I link my video content as well as certain essays or presentations from this page. The most recent projects are displayed at the top of the page!


Java: Pathfinding

A Java implementation of a Graph and a simple pathfinding algorithm.

Link to github.com

Link to example page

Made by Jan Schelhaas and Felix Lausch



I co-produced the official aftermovie of the 2017 model united nation SPUN in Bonn, Germany:


[GER] Politik

Präsentation zur Ein-China Politik



Präsentation zum Drohnenkrieg:



[GER] Der Weg eines iPhones

Award-winning short movie about the production cycle of an iPhone. The video won a 3rd prize at the vernetzte-er.de competition for student projects in 2013!