On this page you will find links to several projects from different fields. I link my video content as well as certain essays or presentations from this page. The most recent projects are displayed at the top of the page!


Essay about Cheating in Video Games

This essay was written as part of a final exam for ENGLISH, graded 1.0


Java: Pathfinding

A Java implementation of a Graph and a simple pathfinding algorithm.

Link to github.com

Link to example page

Made by Jan Schelhaas and Felix Lausch



I co-produced the official aftermovie of the 2017 model united nation SPUN in Bonn, Germany:


[GER] Politik

Präsentation zur Ein-China Politik



Präsentation zum Drohnenkrieg:



[GER] Der Weg eines iPhones

Award-winning short movie about the production cycle of an iPhone. The video won a 3rd prize at the vernetzte-er.de competition for student projects in 2013!